EULAR   Itinerary Planner Amsterdam 2018

Welcome to the EULAR 2018 Itinerary Planner!

The EULAR 2018 Itinerary Planner allows you to put together your personal schedule for the EULAR 2018 Congress in Amsterdam. This itinerary can be printed out, sent to an e-mail address or downloaded into the EULAR Smartphone App (available here).

To start planning your EULAR Itinerary, sign up for an account, then login to the itinerary planner. The username and password you used in previous years is still available. If you don't remember your password, click here to reset it.

Find your sessions and exhibitors with the universal search feature. Click the STAR to add a session or exhibitor to your personal schedule ("itinerary").

The EULAR Smartphone App is available for download here. Your itinerary can be easily transferred to your mobile device.

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